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PostSubject: X-Shop Official   Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:37 am

“Welcome to the Offical X-Shop. A story that does not accept the normal means of currency you are fimilar with. This shop only excepts Tokens Tokens are a special form a currency here, Think of it as Premium Cash. No no no, not real money. This is a currency is given directly by us staff. You're probably asking how you are to obtain such a rare commodity, Well its not to difficult, here is the list”

  • Becoming a staff will get you a monthly salary
  • Doing small favors for either staff or even members depending on the significance. Such as drawing a picture for a member may earn you some.
  • Being Cooperative with staff and such. This doesn't mean complete submission.
  • Referring to a friend(described in more detail below)
  • Taking part in events
  • Being an overall friendly active person
  • Helping new people get situated
  • random acts of kindness

“Doing some of the above will not always grant you tokens. Now on to referring to a friend, if you refer a friend to us just tell them to PM the owner of the forum with their name and who referred them. They will get a small bonus tokens(200Tokens) and when their character breaks each tier level you will also get a small amount (300Tokens) Below will be items that you can purchase, please enjoy browsing”

Name of Product~Specialist Ticket
Price of Product~ 100000
Description of Product~ This is the only way to obtain a specialist nen type character.

Name of Product~Reincarnation Ticket
Price of Product~ 7000
Description of Product~ This ticket allows you to recreate your character that has died in a basic form, they retain their powers, personality, appearance, tier level, however any status in the world is forgotten (no longer a hunter, no students, no rank) Also their backstory has to be rewritten.

Name of Product~ Assassination ticket
Price of Product~ 20000
Description of Product~ You may only buy one of them every 4 months, it allows you to force a [GrimPrescense] Tag on a thread.

Name of Product~ Nen Renewal
Price of Product~ 4000
Description of Product~ Allows you to change the nen type of your character.

Name of Product~ Genius ticket
Price of Product~ 15000
Description of Product~ This ticket allows you to change one of your “strengths” to Genius level, Genius level is stronger than above average and can't be obtained by any other means then this ticket. This ticket can only be once per character. Genius level turns your strength into a strength for the next tier up (Ex; 2-3 character with genius speed is as fast as a 3-0 character with above average strength)

Name of Product~ Additional Character ticket
Price of Product~ 13000
Description of Product~ As you would guess, this ticket allows you to have a character beyond the limited 3, the max you can buy this is twice (so a total of 5 characters)


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