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 Heaven's Arena Rules

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PostSubject: Heaven's Arena Rules   Thu Jan 23, 2014 2:55 pm

Welcome to the Heaven's arena, the most popular battle site in the world. With 251 floors have your fill in this continually unending tournament. The Heaven's arena is the place to go if your in need of money, fame, or just overall training. In order to join just post your application in this thread for the character to join.

[b]Name:[/b] Name of your character
[b]Entering Tier:[/b]His/Her current tier
[b]Hunter?:[/b]yes or no?

In order to join as well it will cost a small fee of (XXXX)jenny
your first match will not be ranked and is for the soul purpose of testing where you belong in this tower, a judge will determine which floor you start on. There after each match will also cost (XXXX)Jenny however the victory will be payed twice it (essentially gambling). The higher the floor the higher the price, and higher the reward. No weapons or killing is allowed on floors 1-199, however 200+ allow weapons and [GrimPrescense] tag is on each of them. After reaching floor 200 you no longer gain any prize money for winning a battle, however each battle is worth 3battle threads. If you beat someone you switch the higher floor with yourself, and you must have at least 2 battles every month before being sent back down to floor 200. if this happens repeatedly then you are kicked out of the heavens arena and possibly barred from re-entry.

If you win 10 out of 13 matches then you may challenge a floor master. A floor master holds an entire floor of the building to himself, these floors being 230-250, they have many perks and accommodations that will be written below. If you lose 4 matches then you are sent back down to floor 200.

Every 2 years a special tournament is hosted for the floor masters to take part of, the winner gets to challenge the reigning champ at the penthouse of 251. the tournament is free however it does hold a reward for first second a third place, may be money, or possibly a special item.

Floor room perks
150-200~Free room with basic necessities
200-229~ higher class room with luxurious furniture and electronics
230-235~Multiple Rooms for various purposes If disqualified you just start at 200 again
236-240~ special designed training rooms at disposal
241-245~Access to secret Heavens arena intel, similar to Hunter's database.
246-249~ Access to all recorded fights and intel on fighters within the tower who reached 150 and above
251~Permanent stay at a special room in the arena even if you lose the building, also permanent access to Heavens intel. Hunters gain 1star
(Each floor includes all the perks of the floor under)

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Heaven's Arena Rules
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