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 Role Play Laws

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PostSubject: Role Play Laws   Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:32 am

RP Rules

1. You may not take control of another person unless you control an NPC that you added. Or have permission from the owner.

2. Staff will judge when you would be in fatigue or if you lost, this rule only takes effect if the participants in a thread can not decide themselves.

3. Any thread with “{CLOSED}” in it requires permission in order to take part. Author of the thread is allowed to give permission

4. If a thread has started, please be courteous and ask if you may join, not against the rules, however it is common courtesy.

5. If you have any edits or tier ups, they do not take effect in any threads you joined prior to the changes, only new ones after, however with permission from all members in a thread, you may use changes, if they are logical.

6. Posts must be at least 2 paragraphs unless judged not enough to make 2 paragraphs worth of RP. Either original poster or staff will tell you if it is OK to make less in this case.

7. No Metagaming!

8. No God modding! Do not make your character go to extents not possible or extremely sketchy, unlike in anime, you are not allowed to get some strange boost of strong power to take out your opponent at near death, unless you some how have an ability as such. (Willpower be damned!)

9. These rules are subjected to change.

10. Power of attack will go off this base, there can be in between attacks.
Light: Weaker oriented attacks, though primarily faster. Light based attacks aren't game changing unless put to good use, these tend to consist of punches, ordinary bullets, and low end explosives. At the expense of being weaker they usually have little to no cool downs in use and make up the basis of a character's primary abilities.

Medium: Stronger more average based attacks that do more damaged to enemies, these would consist of larger ranged explosives that can easily damage metal and other beings. When used correctly they can be considered lethal to average humans, and cause more damage than lighter counterparts. At the expense of more damage they tend to be slower or have higher cool downs.

Heavy: Strong attacks and defenses that are meant to be highly damaging or protect against them, they can demolish vehicles and buildings when used haphazardly and are usually a character's special abilities. They consume more power or energy than light and medium and thus cause much more extensive damage. They tend to be slower to make up for the increased damage, or at the expense of higher output they have a longer cool down.

Our forum also runs on a sort of time zone. Every four months is a year and every month is a different season. when making a thread it has to pertain to the season the forum is on

January~ Spring
February~ Summer
March~ Fall
April~ Winter
May~ Spring
June~ Summer
July~ Fall
August~ Winter
October~ Summer
November~ Fall
December~ Winter
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Role Play Laws
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