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 Old RP Post, The Trail by pink floyd

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PostSubject: Old RP Post, The Trail by pink floyd   Sat Feb 08, 2014 5:13 pm

~Inspired Music Video, watch for better idea of what is goin on almost~

A strange man was walking down a road in Wheaton, Illinois. Munger road to be exact, his man was massive standing at a full 9 feet tall. He had odd gray skin, and the aura of death about him. However he looked quiet sickly. He hunched over retching his gut. “rgg...a...RAAAGGG” he roared at the top of his lungs. This man was named Smilie, a sinner undergoing a horrible change. In his head we will dig deep. His sanity once lost due to fear, trying to get out of his mind. To show itself, an act terrible to the sinner's race, the act of showing human emotions.

In Smilie's head, he was trapped in a cage, a giant court room manifested around him. He used to be a shinigami at the time, it was a court made of bones and skulls of those hollow and shinigami and human that he has killed. Just as his inner world was at that time. An odd figure climbed up to the top of the podium in front of him. It resembled his previous Zanpakuto spirit, corrupted by the sin of hell. A lot of chatter was made from beings he had killed in the room, some sitting in chairs and a group of jurors. The people themselves seemed monstrous in appearance, almost as if a demons gathering. Smilie for the first time did not wear a smile. His skin was oddly more tinted purple with very long hair, and two horns jetting out of his skull. His teeth still sharpened, but his face bloody a bit with scratches, the face that not even the leader of hell has seen, his true face. White make up was painted on his face in almost a mask life form however worn off with some blood covering over. His iris's were almost glowing red, while the whites in his eyes were now yellow.

An odd little man walked up to the stage. He wore a small tux that seemed a bit to tight. He cleared his throat and looked at the man behind the podium who was dressed as the generic judge, hair peace and all, however his face was full of rage while the new man's face filled with joy and greed. “Good Morning, Worm your honor-” he said with a bow “ The crown will plainly show the Prisoner who now stands before you-” he gestured to Smilie “ Was caught red-handed showing Feelings, Showing feelings of an almost human nature....This will not do” he smiled with glee aiming a glare at Smilie, he slowly recognized this man as his first victim after snapping from Heuco Mundo. “CALL THE SCHOOL MASTER” the odd man shrieked as another man took appearance in the stands next to the Judge. He had frizzed up gray hair and and elderly appearance, he had anguish on his face and disappointment. He looked similar to Smilie's father for some reason. “I always said he'd come to no good in the end your honor” he slammed his fist on the podium. “If they'd let me have my way I could have Flayed him into shape. But my hands were tied, the bleeding hearts of artists let him get away with Murder. Let me hammer him today?” he pleaded with anger while smashing his fist harder against the wood.

Smilie just about had it, he gripped his hands on his head and started mumbling out nonsense. “Crazy...Toys in the attic I am crazy, truly gone fishing” he whimpered. “they must have taken my marbles away.” the jury then all looked at him with a twisted face of happiness, the same smile he wore killing each and every one of them. “Craaazzyyyy” they chanted “Toys in the attic, he is Crazzzzyyy” they swayed. Then a rattle at his cage, he turned around to see his wife's face filled with hurt and rage. “You little shit you're in it now, I hope they throw away the key. You should have talked to me more often then you did BUT NO!” she banged her fist on the cage, her face growing more demonic and her eyes turning a frightening red. “You had to go your own way, have you broken any homes up lately?” She turned to the judge “Just five minutes, Worm your honor, Him and me, alone..” She, like the father faded into darkness as a loud yell called out, his own mother was running in the distance, she seemed plumped with gluttony and her hair gray and white as she ran to the cage and squeezed it tight “BAAAAAAAABE! Come to mother baby, let me hold you in my arms. M'lord I never wanted him to get in any trouble Why'd he ever have to leave me? Worm, your honor, let me take him home.” She whined with tears running down her face.

The Judge then stood up and smashed his gabble against the podium destroying it in one hit. The jury was getting more restless as Smilie closed his eyes. “Craaazzyyyy, Over the rainbow, I am crazy, Bars in the window.” he rocked back and forth in his cage. “There must have been a door in the wall when I came in” he cried out as the jury began to mock him “Crazzyyy, Over the rainbow he is craazzyyyy” the judge took a step forward. His face growing more with rage as he stuck his hand through the cage and yanked Smilie forward against the bars. “The evidence before the court is incontrovertible, there's no need for the jury to retire.” he smashed the cage back down against the ground cracking it, but still held Smilie through the bars. “In all my years of judging I have never head before, of someone more deserving of the full penalty of law.” he lifted Smilie up, hitting his head against the top of the cage. “The way your made them suffer,” he bashed it back down. “Your exquisite wife and mother, Fills me with the urge to DEFECATE!” the jury was raging made as one screamed out “HEY JUDGE! SHIT ON HIM!” the judge tossed Smilie to the back of the cage making it flip over so he was on his back. “SINCE, my friend you have revealed your deepest fear, I sentence you to be Exposed before your peers.” The jury and crowd started hopping out of their seats causing a riot, banging against the walls and pulling on the wallpaper, the judge lifted the gabble over his head and smashed it on the gate “TEAR DOWN THE WALL!” the cage exploded “Tear down the wall, tear down the wall, tear down the wall,tear down the wall, tear down the wall!” the crowd chanted throwing chairs everywhere, destroying the whole court from the inside as Smilie layed in the fetal position.

His real body started mumbling tear down the wall over and over, his skin starting to bulged with muscles, and turning an odd violet, his body was becoming similar to that of his inner self the mask broke off his face and revealed only a painting of white left from it. Horns started growing from his head as hair ripped back the hood. What was left of his shirt shredded as he gained a full foot in height. The inner world exploded with nothing but Smilie floating in the center, at there same time he roared out a large shriek “TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!” He shouted at the moan and laughed hysterically, but this time, he knew what he was laughing at, he knew everything, he understood it all...he had a grasp on sanity, and could think.

~Gonna Edit Smilie to fit his new personality and new powers~

_____________ _____________
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Old RP Post, The Trail by pink floyd
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