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 Character Tiering

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PostSubject: Character Tiering   Tue Sep 30, 2014 11:17 am

Character Tiering and bonus points.

When making a character following the Character Template when finished 2 admins will look over it and give it a tier. The tier is essentially your characters level that determines their strength. Their is judged by the first staff to check it (sometimes the second dependent upon the circumstances) and is judged depending on the quality of the app, ranging from how creative the personality and background is, to how detailed the app overall is. A small template on what staff will be looking for will be put below.

Along with the tier, you have the chance to earn Bonus Points, or as I will refer to them now as Hidden Potential. Your characters hidden potential is determined by many other factors, such as your cooperation and patience with the app checkers, the “fanciness” of your app and any extra information you may add that doesn’t clutter the application. For example, if you were to add stuff such as nice graphics, a personally drawn picture (by you a friend or commission) just to add to the originality you may be given some Hidden potential. However adding stuff like your characters blood type, sexual orientation and every small detail under the blue moon may harm it instead as it adds to the clutter.

Another way to grant some hidden potential later on is to edit your application. Editing to increase your backstory with current events that happened to your character throughout Rp"ing, changing the personality to develop along side the events it lived through to add more realism. Or making very creative powers that you earned through Rp and showed to be training for may also grant you potential.

Now you know what Hidden potential is and how to earn it, but your probably wondering what it even does. Well as you see on the Tier Chart you need to prefer "x" amount of battle threads to get to the next challenge, Hidden potential is equal to ½ a battle thread, So if you start at 0-3 but obtain 2 hidden potential points, all you need to do is have one battle thread and your ready to challenge for the next level.

When a tier is confirmed on the first app checkers post, that starting tier is set in stone unless otherwise stated by a  higher ranking staff. Bonus points are given by the first checker at the time, the amount they give is up to them within reason. They can only award up to half the amount for the threads you have till next tier. So for tier 0 you can only earn up to two Bonus points, while in tier 2 you can earn up to 4. Extra can be awarded for exceptional work, however those access bonus points can not be used until after a tier up and only up to half the threads again.

  • Overall originality of character (not a crossover character like Goku or Ichigo)
  • Detail, originality, and complexity in Personality
  • Fitting Hunter type
  • If no picture, detail in appearance
  • Well written fighting style
  • Balanced Strengths and weaknesses
  • Detail, originality, realistic Background
  • Readability

And some easy tips ill give out to those just starting

  • Don't over simplify things, but at the same time don't over complicating it
    E.i.; 'he wore a hat' would be way to simple
    'Kano wore a bloody red stylish medium sized tilted fedora with cross stitching and leather interior that was worn, on the inside a tag stated it was made by the hands of the great Jack Rampard who had made many amazing hats before' is way to complex, keep it simple but detailed like so
    'Kano wore a blood red fedora with a leather band across, rather worn from his years of use, generally worn tilted out of his eyes'
  • Be more detailed in just how weak or strong your Strengths and Weaknesses are, don't just put
    Strength: Defense, Speed, power
    Get more into it like so
    strength: Kano has taken more than his fair share of hits in the past making him more durable than the average human, as well he is able to run at greater speeds though not as. He is proficient in Nen due to his interest in the power and has worked hard making his Nen stronger than most would'

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Character Tiering
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