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 [BETA][Social][Open] Swift Winds and Conniving Nights

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PostSubject: Re: [BETA][Social][Open] Swift Winds and Conniving Nights   Thu Nov 20, 2014 4:51 pm

Watching as the first random boy moved between the alleyway and joined with the girl in the raincoat, by some means unknown to her, possibly from a short blackout, Renn paused on the ground as she stood back up listening to the conversations going around her. Renn's head felt like it was spinning around on a top when she stood back up, she would not die from the wounds if she received medical attention, but as of right now she felt like she would die by just breathing. Not even realizing that the girl in the raincoat had drawn the bamboo staff from her back and was between Eezy and herself and the new stranger. Words meant little to Renn at this point, even by being surrounded by children, Renn felt out of place even more so. All she could recall were the words 'run' and 'now' without even thinking about what was going on Renn turned around so she was facing the new stranger. Hearing the stranger refer to Eezy in a different name Renn only laughed a little to herself. "So your real name isn't Overeasy huh...?" Renn took a side glance to Ezekiel before returning her gaze to the stranger in front of them.

Gripping the pipe more tightly, to keep her grip in her thoughts, Renn cracked her neck with her free hand as she lifted the pipe up slowly, the makeshift weapon swaying slowly side to side where it was held out in front of the muddied, bloodied, girl her once nice set of robes all marred and scratched up. "I don't think... I can run... very far..." Renn panted between each phrase, not particularly speaking to anyone in general in the alley. "But... I can always... get a good swing in..." Renn threatened harmlessly as she stumbled a little before regaining her footing. "Afterall... this is the bastard... that was after you... and got me... too... so he can deal with me..." she said as bravely as she could, taking a step closer, but still being behind the strange girl with the staff.

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PostSubject: Re: [BETA][Social][Open] Swift Winds and Conniving Nights   Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:55 pm

Well this was a surprise. Her response was very noble and courageous, she didn't really come off as such a person. Adrian turned his head to look at the man who walked out, clearly hostile towards the one wounded boy. It seems the girl on the ground managed to face this new guy as well, things just kept getting more complicated. He wasn't sure what to do, she offered him a chance to run but he already decided he would help her if she chose to stay and fight but he didn't expect to be fighting this new guy, he expected to fight the 2 wounded people, not defend them. His best course of action now was obvious though, his hand bringing out his cellphone again. The man seemed tough and he didn't want this to get out of hand so he dialed 911, not for the police, more so for the ambulance. He wasn't able to trust the 2 wounded people but he most certainly wasn't just going to leave them there.

He put his phone to his ear as the police answered, "Yes, there are 2 wounded people down the road of where the building recently blew up, they are in need of medical attention. There may be some violent actions occurring as well but I am not sure..." The police responded by saying they would be on their way immediately. If this new guy was going to be a problem, he'd have to deal with the cops as well. He hung up and put his phone away as he began to circle around towards an alleyway, keeping an eye on this new guy, hoping he didn't notice the call he just made, though coming out in such an obnoxious manner seemed to give off the impression that he was going to be tough and he couldn't just let the young girl and 2 wounded people fight him.
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PostSubject: Re: [BETA][Social][Open] Swift Winds and Conniving Nights   Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:14 am

“Heh, well you did say I could use a fake name. Atleast I gave a nickname” he smiled wearily and laughed a bit at her next line, takes a lot of guts to put on an act in this sort of situation. Ezekiel took a deep breath. “lets do this” he put on his game face and dashed towards the stranger. He quickly scanned the area around themselves to see if anything could be of use. His options were limited unfortunately, so he loosened his shoulders up a bit. When he got within range of the enemy he ducked down quickly whilst pulling his arms up out of the the short sleeves of his jacket quickly, giving it the illusion he was coming from the front when he quickly twisted to the side. He kept the spin until he was behind the murderer and pulled his second and last knife out, aiming a stab at the spinal cord.


the stranger grinned as his target was coming to him. “You think it will be so easy” he roared in laughter as slapped one hand outward letting 2 daggers fly from his knuckes towards Ezzy just before the child dodged. One grazing Ezzy's cheek while the other continued a path towards the hooded woman. He then sent out a stomping like kick only to catch the target's jacket. He struck his elbow backwards thinking the only place the child could run was behind, and to his predictions, he nailed Ezekiel right in the noes, blood gushing from the poor kids face. “Heh, I told you it wouldn't be so easy”Satisfied with the hit he turned around to see the pain in the childs face.

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PostSubject: Re: [BETA][Social][Open] Swift Winds and Conniving Nights   

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[BETA][Social][Open] Swift Winds and Conniving Nights
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