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 Character Guidlines

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PostSubject: Character Guidlines   Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:34 am

Character Rules

  1. No power can exceed speeds to create a sonic boom. The power can go just under it and should have proper reproductions, no mega explosions at that speed. A tier set 2 could maybe reach half that speeds.
  2. Poisons are hard to accept but allowed under close watch. They may only last so long and should have a point of immunity along with a cool down after use so you can't spam the person with the flu.
  3. Time powers are extremely rare, most likely will be denied.
  4. Space powers are mega iffy, teleportation may be allowed under circumstances, and that’s if they have appropriate draw backs such as cool downs.
  5. Elemental powers are limited to a maximum of 2 for a character. And they can not be opposites. Such as no fire and water powers. Holy powers are not available to quote on quote "evil" characters such as unholy powers are not available to quote on quote "good" characters. Shadow and light powers are considered non-physical. Therefore unless you know how to word it so they are and explain how they are, a flash of light won't push someone across a room.
  6. A cool down must be minimum one post, not 2 second cool downs, that is too hard to determine what the other person can do in 2 seconds. Cooldowns must be in post limits not in time limits.
  7. You can not have any ability that will disable a characters motor skills, or take control of them. There are few exceptions, but all exceptions require other players consent for use.
  8. Be sure to be descriptive on your abilities, we will not take vague abilities. Also we reserve the right to take away acceptance if we missed something that is being exploited. These rules are subject to change, and there are exceptions to these rules.
  9. Keep your powers fair, no God Mode abilities.
  10. Staff has the right to look back and deny any approved application as long as they have a valid reason.
  11. Your history cannot conflict with stated plot events or real world history. (If I eat a sandwich you better not magically eat that sandwich in the next post!)
  12. An element must act as such, you can not have fire and state it can not be put out by normal means. (I never knew dirt could be so wet!)
  13. Characters require 2 approvals by staff. Note: Very rare exceptions will occur, but for over ninety percent of the time there will be two approvals needed. Edits and changes are also two staff approvals unless the edits are very minor. (Put punctuation please!)
  14. Be reasonable about the amount of abilities per character, there is no limit, but please stay within reason, if you are questioning if you have too much, you most likely have too much.
  15. You are only allowed Three Character at a given moment.
  16. these rules are subject to change.
  17. If you delete a character, you must wait 5 days before making a new one, however if your character is killed, then there is no wait. (Does not apply to valid deaths.)
  18. Only one Nen Type is allowed per character. (so if you have three characters, they each have a different Nen Type.)
  19. When changing your character appearance, you may only do so one time after approval. I don't want any mock shapesifter on here.

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Character Guidlines
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