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 Crafting Mechanims

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PostSubject: Crafting Mechanims   Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:36 pm

Crafting is a new experimental mechanic we are working on at NewXHunters(.com) and is a way to regulate the creations that people make whilst still making it an interactive and enjoyable experience.

What does a Crafter do and how do I become one?
A Crafter is a character of yours that has the ability to develop inventions and technologies from a wide ranger. These items you create can be used to your own advantage, or sold for Jenny on the market. These items don't really have a limit to its creativity, however it will be limited to categories. In order to become one just tag this onto the character of choice
[b]Crafter of:[/b]
place it right under Hunter Type and put in your category.

What are the categories?
Well here is our current list, and some item examples for each

weapons~ Swords, spear, lances
Defense~ Armor, Shields
Range Weapons~ Bow and arrows, Guns
Tech~ Computers, accessories

What categories are we limited to?
Theoretically you are not limited in the option of categories, we will have a list to choose from, and if the items you wish to make don't fall under any of them; then send us a message requesting the Category you wish to make following the template below


[b]Category Name:[/b] The name of the Crafting category you want, must make sense
[b]Description of your art:[/b] What kind of items you will be making

[center][b]Provide example below[/b][/center]
[b]Name of item:[/b] Name your item
[b]Description of item:[/b] What does your item do
[b]Image or Appearance description:[/b] either an image of the item or detailed description. If image be sure to still include height, weight, ect.

Wanna build a Nen-infused item? (doesn't have to be a Nen-infused item)
But lets say it is. Nen-infused items are an extreme rarity and can sell for a fortune as they can preform feats that normal to inventions. Such as a sword that shoots fire out the hilt, or a stick and chain that creates a spike ball mace at the end of the chain. These items are only available during the final stages of your crafting category. Crafting them is rather difficult as well. Many items will require just a jenny cost for the material to create it, however these (along with other late level items) require special “Loot” you can obtain from a variety of monsters or purchase from people who already obtained them. (INSERT LINK TO LOOT EXPLINATION HERE). It's nen capabilities are dependent on the rare resources you use to craft it, along with a dice roll here or there to determine stability and overall potency. Also your Crafting stage will take part in that. For example, using a Flame Dragon tooth as a resource in your weapon could cause it to be fire resistant or even fire projective.

What are these crafting stages I keep reading about!?
Good question. Your crafting can increase in stage as you learn and practice more with your art. The stages follow as this
1 Novice
2 Journeyman
3 Apprentice
4 Savant
5 expert
6 professional
7 artisan
8 supreme Nen allowed
9 Master Nen allowed
10 Grandmaster Nen allowed

Every character starts off as a Novice regardless what your Bio says (so don't cheat and say you been learning from your super grandmaster father who taught you everything you need to know and argue you should be at least a Master). Your stage rises as you craft more complex things, It starts off pretty easy, getting to Apprentice is probably easier than your first tier up, however everything starts slowing down around stage 5.

Ok I get what Stages are, but how the H E Double hockey sticks do I raise it!?
Woah woah calm down there, like I said in order to raise your crafting stage you must preform more crafting with complexity, So don't think making 1000 katana's will make you a grandmaster at blade works. In order to craft something in general you must post in Equiption Creation, and post the concept of your weapon. There app checkers or higher staff will check it and give your item a rating similar to a tier in characters, along with a small supply list.

Name: Dragon Chopper K.
Description: Very sharp katana with great cutting capabilities, however at the same time much larger than ordinary katana's
Appearance: A very large katana about 7feet in length and 3 feet in width, ways 40 pounds

Staff would post
~Despite its size it is still a rather simple weapon for your art.
Journeymen-5 (journeyman means for a journeyman this is a difficulty of 5 out of 10, if you were a grandmaster this would feel more like a grandmaster – 0)
1 slot (out of 10)

cost to make = 928345(just a random number)


These difficulty numbers are multiplied by your stage (journeyman=2) so that sword will overall give you 10exp for your next stage. You are only allowed to create 5 items a season so be wary what you craft, and its expense, more complex items will require more resources to make, thought it is possible to make a complex item of cheap resources, but the price may be a 2nd item slot instead of just one (as in it took your character a lot more time to make that weapon)This is in place to prevent people from spam making an item.

How much experience will it take me each time?
Here is a chart to help you on your journey through this long freakin post.
1 Novice
2 Journeyman
3 Apprentice
4 Savant
5 expert
6 professional
7 artisan
8 supreme Nen allowed
9 Master Nen allowed
10 Grandmaster
yes, you keep your exp over from each stage.

Well that’s nice, how many Crafters can I have if I want a lot.
Well your out of luck then, you are only allowed One Crafter at a time. This keeps things rather simple for both you guys and us.

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Crafting Mechanims
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