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 Forum Regulations

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PostSubject: Forum Regulations   Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:31 am

New X Hunters Rules

1.  By creating an account you agree to all the rules.

2. No fighting with staff, debates are allowed, however if gets to heated staff do get final say.

3. If problems with staff, come to the administrator of site. Do not by any means disrespect the staff.

4.  Keep swearing to a minimum. Swearing is allow, however if you start sounding like this (EX) Goddamn Asshole motherfucker I'm gonna murder you, you fucking bitch” that is too much.

5. Respect all members and staff, staff are people too.

6. If you have a debate that gets out of hand, either;
   A. Take it to PC.
   B. Bring a staff member into it for final Judgment.
   C. Fight it out in RP.

7. Be kind to Greenies and Noobs. They have the fate of the site, for if none join the site will never grow.

8. Keep harassing trolls to a minimum, yes it is fun, but we don't want to feed the trolls.

9. No pornography or very obvious sexual innuendos. I don’t mine the that’s what she says but when you say something like “I'm gonna f*ck you with my c**k” that alone is out of line.

10. These rules are subjected to change. Just because something isn't on here, doesn't make it right. Use common sense and ask for help from staff if you are unsure about something.
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Forum Regulations
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