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 RP Terminology

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PostSubject: RP Terminology   Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:21 pm


  1. OOC~ Out Of Character. Meaning it will not effect your character's development or the world of Novus.
  2. Metagaming~ The act of making your character “know” things he shouldn't. Such has role playing with a character for the first time and stating your character knows his name, powers, and history.
  3. God Moding~ Dodge every thing and preforming moves that shouldn't even be possible for NXH standards, or stating things not in your app, basically cheating.
  4. Noob~ Newcomer, knows nothing about RP forums most the time, or just new to the forum.
  5. Greenie~ A non-member on the Xat and potential member. They are undefined as Noob or Veteran until otherwise known.
  6. Veteran~ Someone who is experienced in Role play.
  7. Xat~ The chat box.
  8. Troll~ Loud mouth annoyances that appear on the Xat  until banned. However member trolls are welcome to an extent, as long as you are funny and don't piss everyone off. (Example: The Green Titled Staff Member, but you didn't hear that from me.)
  9. Plot Event~ An event that is extremely important with possible instant tier ups, and advances the universes' further Plot Wise.
  10. NPC~ Non Playable Characters. (Those people that keep buying the your junk in games!)
  11. Tourney~ A tournament. Death is allowed in tournaments, however they never effect the world, as in they are all OOC. (If you die in here you don't die in real life.)
  12. Canon~ Another word for official. Used quite often in fan fiction to differentiate between the official story line in which the fan fiction is based on. (Not the rule 34 stuff.)
  13. Post Cooldowns~ An amount of time you must wait until you can use the move again. Cooldowns work like this, cooldowns start effect right after the move is made, 1 cooldown for a move with no duration would be allowed to use the next post, 2 post cooldown would be that post and your next post, you do not count others. If its a Duration Ability, then the 1 cooldown takes effect after it ends.
  14. Charge ups~ Work the same as cooldowns, however they start before the move, not after.
  15. OOST~ Out Of Starting Tier

Tag Definition + List

Definition and Use: Tags are used only in the title of threads and possibly in boards. They are a small set of rules regarding your thread and are required at certain times. If you don't have a tag it will be defaulted as Death Disabled, Open to all Thread. Tags can change these rules to however you want. However you must select from the list we currently have.

{WIP}=This tag is only use in character applications to signify that your character is a Work In Progress. This means that your character will not be looked at and is mainly for the convenience of the app checkers.
{DONE}= Same as the first with the fact its only for character apps. This tag signifies that your application is done and ready for checking. Applications without this tag will not be checked.
{GRIMPRESENCE}=This tag is used to enable DEATH in your thread. This means yours or anyone else who enters are agreeing to the risk their character may permanently die in this thread. As you see some boards have this tag in their title, meaning any thread regardless of its tags will have Death enabled. (Invite the Grim Reaper for brownies.)
{CLOSED}= This Tag means your thread is closed and is not allowed to be joined by anyone without your permission.
{OPEN}= This tag is to emphasize your thread is open for anyone to join.
{VOLDEATH}= This signifies your character will die in this thread by your own choice. Just another emphasizing tag.
{TOURNY XvY}=This is for any site-wide tournament. Replace X with your character's Name and Y for your opponents.
{EVENT}= This tag is only used by those with permission, it means that the thread is a site-wide event. All events are Death Enabled
{HUNT}=This is a tag for those who are going on a Mission that they accepted. All Missions are Death enabled
{EXAM}=This is the tag for the Hunter Exams. Only a staff may use this for the Exams. All exams are Death enabled

-Tags may be added throughout the lifetime of the forum.
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RP Terminology
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