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 Hunter Information

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PostSubject: Hunter Information   Thu Jan 23, 2014 1:32 am

What Is A Hunter?

A Hunter is a person who has proven themselves through rigorous examination to be an elite member of humanity. They are considered a member of the Hunter Association and are given many special privileges for being part of such an organization. Hunters also must follow the 10 commandments, if you break any of them you will be sentenced to termination.

10 Commandments

  1. Hunters MUST hunt something.
  2. All Hunters require a minimum level of martial proficiency. Being able to use Nen is the minim level necessary.
  3. No matter what may happen, one who has become a hunter will never have their title revoked. However, no matter the circumstances, a hunter license will never be issued a second time.
  4. Hunters may not hunt their fellow hunters, except for those who have committed atrocities.
  5. Hunters who achieve extraordinary accomplishments in a certain field will receive a star.
  6. Veteran Hunters who have received a star, become superior officers, and have had their students receive star will receive two stars.
  7. Hunters with two stars who achieve extraordinary accomplishments in multiple field will receive three stars.
  8. If the hunter in charge does not receive a minimum level of support, then they will have their post removed. In this case, the minimum level is the support from the majority of his fellow hunters. If the seat of chairman becomes open, an election for the next chairman must happen immediately. The vice-chairman is to be left in charge until the new chairman is decided.
  9. The chairman decides how new hunters are chosen. But in order to make a great change in the existing method, he must receive support from the majority.
  10. Everything not written here is to be decided by the chairman, vice-chairman, and their advisers. The chairman has the right to choose who becomes the vice-chairman and advisers.

Hunter's License
A hunter's license is the proof they need when it comes to showing your a hunter. It grants a majority of your special privileges. It allows access to secret intel on the hunter's website and can help you get high loans despite having no or low credit. It can help you get jobs just by flashing it for the most part and is what grants you the ability to kill without facing any legal consequences.

Hunter exams

The Hunter Exams are a series of difficult tests to be taken as a large group. These tests vary throughout each exam and are dependent on the exam leader.  These tests will consist of you as the player along with whomever will be taking place and will be put in many threads as well, despite taking the same test there is a chance you will not be able to interact with another Player controlled Tester in the earlier stages. The exams will only take place once every four months real-time or if a vote is issued and the majority votes for an exam.

In order to issue a vote, you need to get the majority of staff to agree. The vote will only be open for a week or so and only active members may vote, staff may not.

Hunter exams is required to become a hunter, and one of ways to learn Nen, and what you need to accept most missions. The hunter exams will only take place once every year (four months) and always will include the following.

  • 5-6 rounds, to be determined by the examiners
  • A riddle for which town it will be in
  • They will always have GRIMPRESENCE

Becoming an Examiner

In order to become an Examiner, you must have an experienced hunter who has done significance in the field (1star at least) As an Examiner you must provide to the staff your test and we must agree on it. Aside from that your character is allowed to run the exam as needed, if we notice any abuse we will send the wrath of the chairman.

Being a Teacher
In order to be a teacher you must have complete knowledge of the basics of Nen, as well you must be a one star veteran hunter. Other than that you may teach your pupil however you want even if it ends up costing you, or their, life. To be a teacher you just have to ask or be asked by a member of the forum to teach their new hunter.

*Note;Being a hunter is NOT required on this forum.
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Hunter Information
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