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 Character Creation Tips [Fighting Style] (Oraange Blog)

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PostCharacter Creation Tips [Fighting Style] (Oraange Blog)

Hello! This guide is here to help new members create a character, this specific one is to help with the strengths and weaknesses section of the application. Fighting Style is also included.

I will begin step by step, starting with strengths and weaknesses, then ending with fighting style in that order. This should help those who are a tad confused on this system.

Strengths and Weaknesses
This is what your character is great and bad at in a fight, this section is not for hobbies or anything of a personal nature but rather your character's physical or mental prowess on, or off, the battlefield. This includes things such as physical strength, speed, stamina, durability, intelligence, flexibility, and much more specialized strengths and weaknesses.

Always keep in mind that strengths and weaknesses should be comparable to a Starting tier, or an average human level! No throwing cars at the beginning tiers, which everyone starts at.

Here is a general description of the major physical categories (always keep in mind there are many, many ways to implement strengths and weaknesses, and not all of them are listed in this short guide:

Strength- Your character's physical strength, how much can he/she lift? How powerful are they for a starting tier? Can they wield heavy weapons? Are they weak? Why is the character weak? Does the character prefer lighter or heavier clothing/armor/weapons because of there strength level?

Speed- Your character's general speed, this is pretty self explanatory, but speed can only go to a maximum level on this forum, as can be seen in the character creation rules. Some questions to ask while writing speed as a strength or a weakness are: Are they a sprinter? A runner? are they overweight and are slow? Do they wear armor or heavy clothing that would slow them down? How are they compared to someone of a Starting tier?

Stamina- How long your character can last doing physical activities as a starting tier. Do they have poor stamina and must fight battles in quick spurts in order to win? Or can they last for posts on end before they start feeling fatigued? Do they have any skills that allow them to have a good stamina or a poor stamina?

Durability- How much damage your character can take before being beaten. Does the character not have armor or thick clothing to ward off damage? Is the character a trained fighter who can take hits or are they an average person who hasn't had training?

Flexibility- As easy as it sounds, flexibility is how flexible your character is without anything holding them back, such as armor, or heavy weights. When adding this to strengths and weaknesses be sure to keep in mind that flexibility does not allow for a character to dodge things in awkward ways or are they always an acrobat. Keep in mind some good questions when thinking about your character's flexibility: Do they exercise a lot? Are they bulky and sinewy making it hard to be flexible? Is the character an actual acrobat or is he/she an average person with average flexibility?

Intelligence- One of the interesting pieces of strengths and weaknesses is the intelligence factor, dividing geniuses from dummies, and everything in between. Having lower or higher intelligence does not mean the character receives overpowered benefits however! If you are a super genius that does not mean they can  dodge everything, nor does it mean it always applies to combat. A character can be strategically smart, but not know anything about technology, and vice versa. Always as staff for help if you are unsure about intelligence! Here are some questions to think of: Are they battle smart or book smart? Does the character have the skills to implement their intelligence in battle?

Fighting Style
A simpler version of your character's combat skills, or lack thereof. Always think of your characters background and personality in this section and ask yourself some simple questions to help expand your fighting style.
Does the character rush headlong without thinking?
Have they had combat training? If so what kind of training?
How do they deal with problems alone?
How does a character fight in a group? Are they a support? The Main fighter?
How does your character deal with violence, and the sight of blood and death? Will it cause them to give pause?
How efficient are the character's battle strategies?
How well off is he/she? Do they possess a weapon? Bare handed?
Is the character afraid of anything in a fight?
How merciful or blood-lusty are they? Do they show mercy or try to kill people?
Does the character care about casualties and bystanders?

The last part of this short guide is balancing. EVERY CHARACTER MUST BE BALANCED. There are no ifs-ands-or-buts here. A character, no matter how much you like them, can be perfect in everything. Every person has flaws, every person has something they need work and improvement on. Always keep in mind how your character works in combat, and start from there.

If your character is a berserker, one who rushes in headlong and deals massive damage, then you would want to work your strengths and weaknesses around that. Having high strength and speed would be a good start, but the berserker could be low on durability and stamina for example. Always try to keep strengths and weaknesses balanced, and do know that attributes that are not placed in the strengths and weaknesses are considered average. So if you do not mention your character's speed in strengths or weaknesses, it is automatically considered average.

End Result
Fighting Style: Jax (character name) is a brawler at heart, due to his history of being raised in a Dojo Jax knows his martial arts of various karate forms and swordsmanship, while he is not a master of the sword, Jax is still skilled with a katana. Preferring to fight one on one, seeing group fights as cowardly, he will go to great lengths to separate his opponent from the group to fight them head to head. Jax is an honorable fighter, not willing to use dirty tricks or cheap shots, this is also his undoing at times, as enemies are not always as honorable.

Strengths: Jax has great dexterity and flexibility due to practicing martial arts and swordsmanship as a child; Jax is also fairly strong physically due to wielding a katana in battle. He has impressive stamina as well due to running nearly everyday for exercise.

Weaknesses: Where Jax lacks in is durability, never having been a strongly built guy to begin with, his weak frame is vulnerable to most attacks than the average person. He is also not as intelligent when it comes to group tactics and fighting someone who uses dirty tricks, preferring to fight in duels than in street fights.

_____________ _____________
Character Sheet
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Character Creation Tips [Fighting Style] (Oraange Blog) :: Comments

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Character Creation Tips [Fighting Style] (Oraange Blog)

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