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 Crafting Mechanisms

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PostCrafting Mechanisms

*Warning, i am typing this without grammer or spelling in mind. so no auto correct unless im not feeling to lazy to do so. It will be legible atleast...maybe, Also none of this is final, just ideas written out and explained more

Crafting specialty~ Crafting speciality will be a new addition onto the app. Only one character of yours at a time may have one and it is limited in the field of study. some examples may include
Leather Worker
Metal Armorsmith
Sword smith
technological inventions
Gun Smith

these limits will be made more clear later on. Along with having the specialty, your creations must fit some form of theme, i dont want to see someone making steampunk inventions at one point then cyberpunk the very next. Themes also go into the kind of weapons and armor you make. such as a claymore expert wont make that good Katanas. However these are things that may change slowly in time.

Crafting will be a level system apart from tier, the higher level the better gear you can make, Again with the themes, if you become a master swords smith, then making a katana would be almost as easy as a claymore (though that almost will come into play later)

Level~ Level will remain named level. you can level up your crafting by well crafting. The higher the leve, the better quality things you can make, however material cost may rise as well for those better quality things. Just as well material cost may lower for your lower quality creations.

Also with a higher level gives you a chance to create Magical Artifacts. Despite the name, magical artifacts aren't magic, they just have very strong Nen infused in them.

Material Cost~ May be wondering, how is an RPG Forum gonna implement material cost, or as i will now refer to them as Mats, Mats for the most part can be bought using Jenny, however certain items you want to create of higher quality, or higher chance for Nen infusion will have to be hunted as well. This will be more explained when i work on Loot Missions. Loot missions will be against monsters and such for you to obtain parts of them, such as a dragon tooth for a special kind of weapon.

Magical Artifacts~ Magical Artifacts are, as explained before, crafted items with high Nen infusion. Its powers are usually dependant on what items you used in the making of the weapon, not neccassarily what your nen and abilityies are. These abilities are generally simplistic, but higher masters can craft more complex abiltiies into their weapons. however the abilities will rarely be better than homemade personal nen abilitesi.

Options~ Crafting specialty will be a pick and choose optionalthing. if what you want to craft isnt listed in the options, shoot us a PM under the same template the options are written as, and a reason why you should be able to craft what your tyring to craft. you wont always get your way though.

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Crafting Mechanisms

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